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Outfitters, natural lodging resorts, specialize in organizing extraordinary stays within the rich territories of Authentic Quebec. Rooted in Quebec’s heritage and true gems of the province, they offer the unique experience of becoming one with Quebec’s authentic nature. These places are a rich playground for multi-activity enthusiasts. You can enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, paddleboarding, canoeing, hiking, quad biking, as well as snowshoeing and snowmobiling in winter. Not to mention hunting and fishing. The art of fishing in the heart of Quebec is passed down from generation to generation. This unique activity can be enjoyed regardless of the season. Ice fishing is an event in itself.

Outfitters © Damien Lair

Settle in, feel the vibrations of the land, the water, the ice, the breath of the wind, and wait for nature to graciously offer itself to you. Tease the fish as you please with the utmost respect, or venture out into the wild to engage in your chosen activity, no matter the season. Book your stay in the heart of Authentic Quebec.

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