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In Authentic Quebec, there’s a flurry of short and long trails suitable for all skill levels. Our nature hiking trails are guaranteed oases of peace! Whether they are urban, suspended between sky and earth, offer access to the winding paths of our rivers, or feature the powerful sounds of our waterfalls, these trails cater to every type of hiker. Our parks and wildlife reserves are crisscrossed by numerous hiking trails, often featuring waterfalls and streams. Our forest trails are home to an unparalleled variety of wildlife and flora.

Hiking © Jimmy Vigneux

Take the opportunity to observe the natural wonders around you and the unbeatable views from the peaks. To extend the experience, overnight stays in shelters are available. Hiking can be enjoyed in all four seasons; in winter, you’ll simply need to equip yourself with snowshoes or crampons. So lace up those boots and immerse yourself in the tranquil yet invigorating settings of Authentic Quebec.

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