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Practical Advice

For a grand and enjoyable stay, Authentic Quebec offers you practical advice to enhance your exploration of the territory.

Practical Advice © Étienne Boisvert

Practical Advice

Adapting to the Seasons

Quebec has the unique characteristic of living in tune with the seasons. Its fauna and flora are unparalleled and change from one season to another, just like its weather. During summer, both sun and rain might make an appearance. Lightweight clothing is recommended, along with having a jacket and a raincoat on hand as needed. Don’t overlook mosquito repellent either. While autumn gradually heads towards cold temperatures, sunny days are still on the menu. As for the province’s well-known harsh winters, make sure to bring warm clothing and use layering to stay cozy during your activities. Merino wool is an excellent choice. In spring, rain boots and windbreakers are good ideas.

State of the Roads

tay informed about road conditions, especially in winter. To avoid closed roads due to weather, construction, or accidents, Quebec 511 will be your best ally. The roads in the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions are what you’re looking for on this site.

Tourist Information Office

Enhance your stay by visiting one of the region’s tourist information offices. The on-site team will be delighted to share some secrets about Lanaudière-Mauricie, but especially to provide you with local specifics that are hard to find otherwise!

Lanaudière Tourist Information Offices

Mauricie Tourist Information Offices


Looking for something specific? Along your route, you’ll come across several grocery stores and shops where you can stock up on ready-to-eat meals and provisions. Pay special attention to the current season; some smaller local stores might have a different schedule during the off-season, which is from April to mid-June and from mid-October to mid-December. You’ll also find alcohol in convenience stores, grocery stores, and the SAQ (Quebec’s Liquor Store), as well as in various wineries and distilleries in the region. As for tobacco, you will find it in convenience stores and grocery stores.

Hospitals and Emergencies

Know that our territory has several hospitals and an ambulance system in case of any problem. All businesses have a clear and efficient procedure in case of emergencies. Feel free to identify the hospital closest to your location for your stay if you wish to reassure yourself, or you can simply enquire on-site. It’s recommended to contact your insurer before going there if possible.

Information Lanaudière

Information Mauricie