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Routes and stays in the heart of Quebec

Between the river, countryside, and forest, roads crisscross the heart of Quebec to lead you to equally enriching experiences. The regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie share them to offer you the best of their history and territory.

Routes and stays in the heart of Quebec © Olivier Coteau
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These roads are true treasures. They are full of landscapes to savour, people to meet, legends to listen to, and attractions to explore. Taking the time to travel them means immersing yourself fully in the nature and history of Authentic Quebec. It’s about living unique travel experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your imagination throughout your stay.

Three routes for a million authentic adventures in the heart of Quebec

Take an authentic journey through the core of the province, one road and one path at a time.

Hit the road now!

Push back the horizon and travel, guided by your desires. For young and old alike, these roads are an invitation to play explorer, discovering Quebec’s authentic paths on foot, by bike or by car. They are even dotted with electric charging stations so you can explore them with your electric vehicle.

Venture out to discover the landscapes, listen to the tales the villages tell, unearth the well-kept secrets of Authentic Quebec and taste what the terroir has to offer on the discovery routes. Here, paths are to be heard, seen, experienced and tasted. They can even be discovered by theme: agrotourism, culture thanks to the King’s Road, the great outdoors via our many parks and much more. All these themes are available to you to create multiple memories.

These discovery roads are four seasons, offering you a new landscape each time. You can begin to imagine the adventure that awaits you at every turn just by closing your eyes.