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Trois-Rivières © Dominique Lafond


Trois-Rivières is always brimming with energy and originality to charm you. The renowned Chemin du Roy runs through the historic streets of downtown Trois-Rivières, just steps away from the Saint Lawrence River. The city buzzes with the excitement of its festivals, such as Festivoix and the International Poetry Festival, where wordsmiths from all five continents gather, as well as its numerous restaurants, bars, cafés, and ice cream shops — not to mention its performance venues, museums and art galleries.

Vibrant history © Jeff Frenette

Vibrant history

Rich in history, Trois-Rivières proudly displays its past! A walk through the historic district reveals all its treasures. At Boréalis every theme is explored: the Saint-Maurice River, the forest, log driving, lumberjacks and working-class life—in short, everything that makes up Trois-Rivières, the cradle of Quebec’s industrial development.

Things worth seeing © Damien Lair

Things worth seeing

Also, take the opportunity to discover the Musée des Ursulines, pioneers of the city, and the audacious Musée POP! which will entertain the whole family with its thematic and interactive exhibitions! The common thread: Quebec culture in all its forms.
Let yourself be carried away by the charm of North America’s second-largest French-speaking city founded in North America.

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