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Authentic Quebec isn’t just a beautiful backdrop and a grandiose playground; it’s also a true pantry and a year-round source of inspiration for exquisite, local and sustainable food. Connecting with the land, culture and the people who inhabit rural regions is a responsible and immersive way to travel, where you can discover Lanaudière-Mauricie in an authentic and enriching manner. In this region, the agrotourism sector stands out for its sustainable initiatives at the heart of the territory and for its exceptional flavours.

Agrotourism © Étienne Boisvert

Explore the gourmet side of Lanaudière-Mauricie by meeting local producers and embarking on gourmet tours. Some producers even invite you to literally get your hands dirty by participating in workshops on mycology or other culinary delights. In the heart of Authentic Quebec, wide-open spaces have a taste, and the people who work here have a way of making pleasure delicious, sustainable and responsible.

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