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Les Moulins © Fabien Proulx-Tremblay

Les Moulins

As far back as 1820, people had a thousand and one good reasons to visit the Les Moulins RCM, which includes the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche. Located on the North Shore of the Saint Lawrence Valley and northeast of the Island of Montreal, this area is a magnet for visitors, both because of its location and its unique features that combine natural and urban elements. Les Moulins is where nature and history meet gastronomy and culture, offering hospitality, entertainment and fine dining.

Vieux-Terrebonne and Île-des-Moulins are two of Quebec’s most successful examples of heritage conservation and cultural enhancement. The Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne and the numerous exhibitions and events at Maison Bélisle are unique to Authentic Quebec. Île-des-Moulins was the heart of the development of one of the most important seigneuries in Quebec’s history. Today, five restored buildings, two permanent exhibitions, and several guided tours will help you experience the memory of these places.