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La Tuque © Damien Lair

La Tuque

Genuine both inside and out, La Tuque is situated on the edge of the majestic Saint-Maurice River and at the foot of a mountain. What sets it apart? Its downtown lake. If you love the outdoors, nature, hunting and fishing, this city is the perfect place for your stay in the heart of Authentic Quebec. Explore a vast territory where forests, rivers, Indigenous culture and historical routes coexist.

Embark on a journey to discover La Tuque, Le Bostonnais, Parent, Wemotaci, Lac-Édouard, and Opitciwan — places as genuine as they are natural, ready to welcome you and all your adventurous desires, whatever they may be. In La Tuque, the forests envelop you, allowing you to breathe and see nature like never before. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, cultural sites, playing in the water or snow, everything is a great adventure in this town. Wonderful discoveries await you whether you’re on a bike, in a car, on a motorcycle, on foot, or even on an ATV in La Tuque.

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