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Nestled in the heart of Quebec, the regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie constitute an array of landscapes, experiences, and encounters that immerse you in the essence of Quebec’s soul.

Lanaudière-Mauricie © Jimmy Vigneux

With your feet in the St. Lawrence River and your gaze upon the northern stars, these two authentic regions invite you to travel far while staying close to everything. Even better, they provide a genuine encounter with Quebec, its nature, history, and inhabitants.

Lanaudière and Mauricie  © Tourisme Lanaudière

Lanaudière and Mauricie 

Where does this authenticity, which speaks directly to the heart, come from? The answers unfold with the changing seasons, from attractions to activities, from visits to interactions. During your experience in the heart of Quebec, you’ll quickly forget you’re a visitor.

Lanaudière and Mauricie  are destinations to be lived through both gentle immersion and active engagement. The privileged access to the vast playgrounds that the wild nature offers, through national and regional parks as well as numerous recreational sites, makes for an unrivaled adventure. Kind, passionate, and welcoming, the locals will greet you in friendly establishments where the quality of service matches the smiles of the staff who welcome you.

Lanaudière and Mauricie: two major regions at the heart of Quebec and the northern shores of the St. Lawrence River, their charms complementing each other without repetition.

These regions have the power to captivate your eyes! © Paddle Tales

These regions have the power to captivate your eyes!

Between the river, countryside, and forest, you will find:

  • An area of nearly 52,000 km²
  • Two major national parks
  • Over fifteen regional parks
  • Three wildlife reserves
  • No fewer than 30,000 lakes
  • The St. Lawrence River and the forest as far as the eye can see
  • A perfect geographical location, between Montreal and Quebec

A Bit More About Lanaudière

Lanaudière is a vibrant region with a thousand and one faces, offering a multitude of original activities for all tastes. With its vast and untamed open spaces, its 10,000 lakes and rivers, its waterfalls and cascades, its plains and mountains, as well as its numerous beaches, the region is undoubtedly an outdoor paradise! Lanaudière embodies the pure mountain air, the delightful fragrance of the countryside, and the excitement of cities, villages, and the Atikamekw Indigenous community of Manawan, all on a human scale that invites you to get lost in it.

By the river, our lakes and rivers, on the edge of immense forests, cottage life is in full swing. Between festivals, a new way of life prevails in this region, allowing time to be well-spent, sharing our love for the land, traditional music, and our craftsmanship.

A Bit More About Mauricie

Mauricie has just as much to offer. A natural playground with vast forests, 17,500 lakes, parks, and outfitters, Mauricie takes you on a journey. Its culture is consumed everywhere, enriched by its museums, poets, storytellers, authors, and musicians. An awe-inspiring national park for those with a voyageur spirit, an amphitheater that offers the grandest of events, and a road with sublime panoramas are all woven into Mauricie’s DNA.

History and innovation coexist daily. On one hand, the forges of Saint-Maurice make it the cradle of industrialization in Canada, and on the other, its artisans immerse you in a captivating journey. Festivities and nature harmonize to offer you the best of Quebec at the rhythm you desire.