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Unique Accommodation

Experts in the art of indoor-outdoor living, Lanaudière and Maurice offer a multitude of experiential lodging options, where nature and leisure become one. Cabins in the woods, yurts, domes, pods, mini-chalets, refuges and tipis, to name just a few, are often advantageously positioned by a lake or at the edge of a forest to ensure you a total change of scenery and a grandiose view of your surroundings.

Unique Accommodation © Myriam Baril-Tessier

Discover Our Experiential Accommodations

These eco-responsible habitats embrace slow design and minimal impact while boasting an extravagant personality and impeccable comfort. These off-the-beaten-path accommodations will leave you with memorable experiences like nowhere else. You’ll be able to observe the region’s wildlife, flora and stars through a whole new set of eyes. Live an immersive experience by lodging in one of the atypical accommodations in the heart of Authentic Quebec.