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From the forest to your plate

Did you know that edible forest products form the culinary identity of the Mauricie region, and that the Lanaudière region’s culinary identity is based on the cultivation of northern walnuts? Taste the forest one bite at a time with Authentic Quebec’s generous woodland gastronomy. Our chefs’ menus adapt to the rhythm of the seasons, ensuring freshness at all times. Enjoy a unique experience with a gourmet hike in the Abbaye Val Notre-Dame forest, a gathering and tasting activity with Mycotourisme Mauricie or one of our renowned gourmet tours.

From the forest to your plate © Étienne Boisvert

At the heart of Authentic Quebec lies a commitment to learning about and using the rich and varied products that will bring the forest to your plate, enhance the flavours of the terroir and add to your knowledge. It’s an exquisite immersion with playful stops and a great opportunity to learn more about our forest, its fragility, its vulnerability, but above all its richness. Our forest is teeming with mushrooms and aromatic plants just waiting to be exploited.

While maple syrup, the emblematic flavour of the province, is available everywhere, the forest comes to your plate through interpretive activities and tastings of forest edibles at the Val Notre-Dame Abbey Forest in the Lanaudière region.

Discover all the mycotourism activities offered by Mauricie’s Wild Mushroom Partnership.

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