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Parks and wildlife reserves

Beyond the evergreen and deciduous forests, you will catch a glimpse of azure. Our regional and national parks, as well as wildlife reserves, are dotted with lakes and rivers of various sizes. Every step you take brings the abundant flora and fauna to life. Throughout the year, the parks of the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions serve as the backdrop for your authentic stay in one of nature’s richest settings. Discover these striking and inspiring landscapes where, regardless of the season, a sense of escapism and rejuvenation is guaranteed.

Parks and wildlife reserves © Jean-Gabriel Pothier

Hiking, canoeing, fishing, snowshoeing, via ferrata, cross-country skiing, and bird-watching are just a few of the endless opportunities available to you. Take in views like no other from the numerous lookout points scattered across these locations. There are plenty of activities, forest lodges and approaches to discover this naturally charismatic, year-round heritage, where wildlife, flora and people become one.

Discover Our Parks and Wildlife Reserves