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Three reasons to come say “Hi”

August 20, 2022

Three reasons to come say “Hi” © Karine Gélinas

Three reasons to come say “Hi”

Proximity © Michel Julien


Lanaudière and Mauricie lie right between Montréal and Québec City. Authentic Québec neighbours both urban poles of the province, making the great outdoors easily accessible thanks to efficient roadways.

Diversity © Tourisme Lanaudière


From the waters of the St. Lawrence River to the deep inlands stretching towards the North, Lanaudière ans Mauricie offer a diverse mosaic of sceneries. Towns, villages and farms are bordered by woods that turn into boreal forests where rivers dans lakes are plentiful. Venture into the national and regional parks to experience the great outdoors and observe their thriving fauna.



The hospitality you will experience in Lanaudière and Mauricie is part and parcel of the regional character. The people are warm and welcoming. The naturally good-natured Authentic Québec is still preserved from the fast-pace consumption aspect of tourism. Whether you are at the museum, at a crafts shop, snowmobiling at a winter outfitter or dining at the restaurant, you will be greeted by smiles. That’s juste the way the locals are.